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Welcome to Time For Good Credit . We are a  #1 Rated Credit Repair Company . We deliver the most professional and result oriented credit repair services in the area and back it up with proven results you can see . With real time credit tracking of your progress, you’ll be able to login to our software to monitor everything that is going on with your credit report. Every trade line, every dispute, all 3 credit bureaus. We run a full transparent credit program. So, the days of wondering if a credit repair company is actually working on your credit reports are over.

We average a 55% deletion success rate after just 45 days and a 80% deletion success rate in just 6 months.  And permanently! It’s called hard removals. Once an account is deleted from your credit file, it will NEVER show back up at a later date. EVER . We offer a lifetime Guarantee

We understand every client ‘s situation is different, so our first step is to find out what you are trying to accomplish and devise a game plan to help you get there. Time For Good Credit offers a program for every situation.

“We offer a “Free Credit Analysis”. It will cost you absolutely nothing at all for one of our Certified Credit Repair Consultants to decipher your FICO codes, find out your time frame and goals then tell you which program will work the best for you.

We have programs that you can start immediately as low as $99.00 and start seeing results within 45 days. Call us today to see which program makes the most sense to you.

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When You become A Client Of Time For Good Credit we have a lot to offer:

Free Consultation

In-House Realtors

Guaranteed Credit Accounts

24/7 Online Access


Specialty Programs

Credit Education

Custom Dispute Letters

Debt Validation

Personal Game Plans

Planning Tools

Fast Results

Unlimited Credit Disputes

Homeownership Program

Certified Credit Experts

Planning Tools

Credit Coaches


Money Back Guarantee

Free Portal

Preferred Lenders

Preferred Dealerships

Free Credit Analysis

Professional Service


Time For Good Credit Popular Programs

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Self Enroll Web Program – Online Enrollment

It’s Easy ,   It’s Effective , It Works !!

Our Paperless, Self-Enroll Web Program was designed to save you TIME AND MONEY when you utilize our service online. In addition, when you use this service and by-pass the Enrollment Department it saves you as much as $500!

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Credit Restore and Build Program

The Credit Restore and Build Program was designed to not only delete the negative items off of your report but to also help you to start building and establishing great credit. We recommend that you have at least three (3) open &…

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Home Ownership Guarantee Plus

Time For Good Credit’s Home Ownership Guarantee Plus program is our most popular program. Our goal is to ensure successful, sustainable homeownership for people who are capable financially to purchase a home but…

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Woman picking up new car from lot

Auto Direct Program

Our Auto Direct Program was created for clients who are capable financially to purchase an automobile but do not have the sufficient credit score required to get approved. Any applicant who enrolls in our AUTO DIRECT PROGRAM GUARANTEE…

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Do-it-Yourself Credit Restoration Kit

You rather try it yourself?  Try our Do-it-Yourself Restoration Kit  ,It provides detailed instructions on credit bureaus, credit reports, debt control, expense reduction methods, restoration methods, and how credit is determined. It also contains numerous sample letters to help you get started .  Also, you get details of the relevant federal laws that were enacted to protect you. Shows you how to re-negotiate your debts for pennies on the dollar and more…

The Do-it-Yourself Credit Restoration Kit is $99.00 for a Limited Time . Get it instantly by clicking the link below.

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Credit Boost Plus

If you have no Credit or not many negative items on your Credit but can’t get approved for any kind of credit cards or loans because of this. “This is The Program  for You”! The Credit Boost Plus Program…

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