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1There were a lot of credit repair company’s online to choose from. But I decided to go with Time For Good Credit because they had a way I could see the work they do 24/7 that gave me comfort . After being on the program for like 30 days I’ve already had 5 items deleted from my report . I would Highly recommend them.

Los Angeles, CA

10My score was around 490 . I spoke with Tony , Not only did he help fix my credit he helped me add Credit Trade-Lines to my credit which help me boost my score in like 2 months.

Houston, Texas

8My credit score was around 550 when I requested help. I started working with Charity in November and by January I was at my goal of a credit score of 660! SHe was professional, easy to contact and FAST! I never thought I could get this type of result so quickly! I would definitely recommend them to others. Because of Charity’s help I'm about to close on my first HOME! Thanks for all you do!           

Houston, Texas

11Wow , Never knew how much better life could be with good credit. Thanks!

Chicago, Illinois

3I kept getting denied from every lender I tried to buy a new home. Signed up with you guys and I was finally able to get approved after 2 months on the program. 

Miami, FL

9I found them online and wasn’t sure at first . But I spoke with Tonya and decided too sign up. In 2 months My credit score jumped almost 100 points. I am in Texas and would highly recommend there services. 

Richmond, Texas

CI signed up a few weeks ago . I’m still waiting on my results but I can say the Customer Service experience is exceptional!

Dallas, Texas

5I usually do not bother to write anything about a company good or bad. Time For Good Credit Repair is an outstanding company!!!! They have deleted numerous items from my report. My credit score has gone up almost 80 points. This company was able to remove a public record and many derogatory items. Tell all your friends and family that might need this service. Thanks to you and all your staff.   

Denver, CO

Thank you, for taking your time writing to us, we appreciate it very much .Our Customers are very important to us and reliable, exceptional service is always our goal. Please send us your feedback about your experience with us. Let us know how we did or how we can improve.. All feedback positive or negative is welcome. Send to

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