Self Enroll Web Program – Online Enrollment


It’s Easy , It’s Effective , It Works !!

Our Paperless, Self Enroll Web Program was designed to save you TIME AND MONEY when you utilize our service online. In addition, when you use this service and by-pass the Enrollment Department it saves you as much as $500!

How It Works

Getting Started

Complete our online easy enrollment form and you will receive an email that contains a link to a credit monitoring company that you can use to access your Tri-merge (3 bureau) credit report.

*We also need a copy of your identification to start processing your disputes.

Review & Setup

Once we receive your credit report we will audit your credit profile and identify all items that are negative and qualify to be deleted. We encourage you to review your credit report for mistakes and notify us so we can dispute those errors.

*Our Credit Specialist will devise a game plan to stick to so we can clear up your credit issue in a timely manner. It is important to let us know that if you have a particular time that you need your credit cleared.

The Dispute Process

We will challenge the credit bureaus and creditors to remove all of your items that are erroneous, unverifiable, or incomplete. You will receive the responses directly from the credit bureaus within thirty to forty five days after they receive your disputes.

*Any negative item that weren’t correctly updated or deleted in the previous round will be disputed again.

Sit back, Relax and Enjoy the Results!!

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